• Harman Kardon HK3400 Cleanup

    For the last few weeks, my Harman Kardon HK3400 has been driving me up a wall. Both the left and right channels would cut out constantly; often in very short bursts. It got to the point where the music was unlistenable because it just got too distracting.
  • ErgoDox Review

    A few months back I joined the Massdrop group buy for the ErgoDox. If you don't know what Massdrop or a group buy is, basically it allows you to join in on a bulk purchase of a product so the group can get a lower price. Since the ErgoDox requires cooperation from component vendors, a PCB manufacturer, and a company that can do laser cutting, it took absolutely ages for the kit to arrive.
  • How to Change the Strap on Your Pebble

    I picked up one of the original Pebble smartwatches a few weeks ago and it's been pretty great, but the only thing I'd change is the strap. Fortunately you can because unlike the new Pebble Steel, the original Pebble accepts standard 22mm watch bands.
  • Func HS-260 Review

    With CES having just finished, it's time for some new product reviews! Func has just released their first gaming headset, the HS-260 and I've had the opportunity to try it out for a couple of weeks. I am now ready to unleash my thoughts to the internet!
  • Func KB-460 Review

    I'm browsing mechanical keyboard related content pretty much all day when I have some time to spare. I've had friends ask, "Hey Anthony, don't you ever get tired of looking at mechanical keyboards all day?" and the answer has always been a resounding NO. Mechanical keyboards are awesome, and when Func approached me to review their new KB-460 I could not refuse.
  • Panavise Junior Review

    I picked up a Panavise Junior a few months ago because I needed something to hold PCBs while I work. Before this I'd just work directly on my workspace and get constantly frustrated when the PCB shifted and components got moved out of place.
  • 5 Ways to Extend WiFi Coverage

    If you’ve been having trouble with your wireless network, today you’ll learn how to take control and extend its coverage. Whether you’re trying to stream video, audio, or just read text, a stable connection is always better than a flaky one. These tips are really easy to do, and use cheap or free tools.
  • Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse Review

    During the last 2 weeks I've stepped out of my comfort zone with the Logitech G700, and switched to the Func MS-3. The mouse features a fully ergonomic design, and after using it for a while, I can easily say it's been the most comfortable mouse I've ever used.
  • A-Solar XTORM Power Bank Review

    Over the last couple of weeks I've put the A-Solar XTORM into my EDC and it's been a lifesaver. I've purposely avoided charging my phone so I could test out this battery, and it's been pretty great so far.
  • Anthony's Guide to a New PC

    If you've got a new PC recently, or you just re-installed Windows, it's important you get back up to speed with your machine and integrate it properly into your workflow.