ISS SSTV December Event

Whether you’re a ham or just a listener, capturing images from the International Space Station is always a lot of fun. With a little help from a satellite tracking program, you can easily receive images from the ISS with nothing more than a cheap RTL-SDR dongle, a scanner, or a handheld VHF radio.

My simple setup consists of:

The reason I use two antennas on two radios, is so that if the polarity shifts during the pass, I can easily decode both images and merge them later in Photoshop. Ideally you should use a yagi antenna, but the ISS usually puts out at least 25W for SSTV transmissions. The signal should easily be full quieting on a handheld if you’ve got a clear shot at the sky.

For updates on the next ISS SSTV event, keep an eye on ariss-sstv.blogspot.com