A-Solar XTORM Power Bank Review

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve put the A-Solar XTORM into my EDC and it’s been a lifesaver. I’ve purposely avoided charging my phone so I could test out this battery, and it’s been pretty great so far.

The XTORM packs a 7300 mAh battery, which from my calculations should charge an iPhone 5, five times from empty. You can charge your device from the built in USB port which supplies up to 2.1 A, or you can use the built in Micro USB cable. It’ll even charge two devices at once if you use both the USB port and the Micro USB cable. Similar to the Micro USB cable, the unit charges off a built in USB cable from your computer or a mains adapter. The built in cables are really great since it reduces the amount of things you can lose. That being said, if those cables break, you won’t be able to replace them without sending it for repair. They seem pretty sturdy, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The XTORM has a few LEDs on top to indicate it’s charge status while both discharging and charging. Most mobile chargers have this feature, and it brings me the opportunity to ask that someone integrates a low power LCD or E-Ink display to just show the battery’s status as a percentage.

I really enjoyed the build quality of the XTORM. It’s top is made of a brushed aluminum and the rest is coated with a soft touch plastic. It’s extremely well constructed too. I’m confident it can survive though some tough conditions without breaking. It’s fairly lightweight as well so it should be easy to carry around in your bag.

Now if you’re trying to fully charge an iPad 4, you’re out of luck with this particular unit since the most recent iPad uses a 11,560 mAh battery; you’ll drain the XTORM before you finish charging. Either way, if you need to just get a few more hours out of an iPad, this should suffice.

To conclude, the XTORM is a great device to have with you if you’re going to need to charge your USB devices while away from a computer or a power outlet. It’s great build quality will make it last a long time, and it’s one of the better designed mobile chargers with it’s built in cables.


  • Build quality
  • Design
  • Battery capacity
  • Multiple device support
  • Inline cables


  • Non removable cables for charging.

Available at A-Solar